Monday, July 25, 2011

What's happening on my Urban Homesteading

So here it is, almost the end of July and a lot has been happening on my little urban homestead. The weather finally warmed up and things finally started growing. Yeah! I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever arrive. But thinking back, I'm not sure it really did. We just went straight to summer!

My garden has had some hits and misses.  Here are a few pictures of the hits!

Yummy cuke!

Sweet peas almost ready!

Italian plums

My ever trusting furkid - Romeo, checking out the rhubarb!

Squash (don't remember what type though - lol)


First sunflower - about 9 ft tall

 I have also added a few more feathery bodies on the urban homestead!
Baby chicks, about 1 wk old

Their first home - a repurposed rabbit hutch
Yesterday I moved them to a different enclosure because they were getting too big for rabbit hutch.
Their new home, lot more room and dirt to play in!

Getting bigger!
So, what's happening in yer neck-of-the-woods??

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