Monday, March 2, 2009

It's almost spring - yes, please...

It has been a hectic over the past few weeks, studying for a variety of tests and completing the necessary homework, all the time impatiently waiting for spring so I can get into the garden! All my seeds are now here and I have been planting everything in my dreams, planning which corner is going to get what, watching the flowers come up, and getting ready to dig into the many lucious tomatoes I plan on picking off my vines! My list of to-do's for spring break is growing everyday as well as.

The hatchery has their "chicks are in" sign out and I need to get the chicken coop cleaned up and spruced up as well. It's still a little cold though, so that goes on the spring break list. I haven't decided yet which breed I will get. I like the idea of a variety, so I may just get a few of each. I suppose it will largely depend on what they have available when I go in!

Tonight it is raining. It has been a while since we had any moisture, so it is good. Even though it has still been on the cooler side, it seems more and more like spring everyday. I keep watching the fruit trees for budding. It should be happening soon.

It won't be long now, before we are into spring fulltime!

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