Monday, May 16, 2011

Gambling with Mother Nature on my little Urban Homestead

Ah, life on the little urban homestead can certainly be a gamble sometimes. One of the biggest gambles is the weather! I have been looking for someone with a direct link to Mother Nature, but so far, they have eluded me. The calendar says it is May 16th but evidently sweet Mother Nature did not get that memo because snow was falling in the Treasure Valley this morning! Now all I got was the 30-something degree chills and rain, thank goodness, (might have slept through the snow here), while the surrounding mountains all received a fresh layer of snow and, yes they look really pretty, but still it's the middle of May! I want to plant a garden! I want to play in the dry, warm dirt!

Okay, so there is the local folklore about watching Shaeffer Butte to know when the cold weather is finished. Well, today proved the old timers right. There is still snow up there and now there is more. Ya see, Shaeffer Butte is the tallest point in the mountain range surrounding the Treasure Valley. This includes the Boise area and the surrounding towns and farmlands heading west toward Oregon. Any old timer who has been gardening around here will tell you to watch that Butte, as long as there is snow up there, we can get frost down here. Thank goodness I didn't put out my tomatoes or cukes yesterday. Hopefully this little tease of winter is passing through quickly though, please.

In the mean time, if anyone knows who is handling Mother Nature's Urban Homesteading weather controls, please let me know. I would really like to talk to them. Here we are just about a month away from summer and we still haven't had spring yet. Just not right….

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